10 Best Comedians from San Fransisco

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San Francisco, with its distinctive culture, scenic beauty, and vibrant arts scene, has a long history of nurturing diverse talents.

This is particularly true in the realm of comedy, where San Francisco has been the launching pad for many groundbreaking and influential comedians.

These performers have thrived in the city’s accepting atmosphere and used its unique vibe to shape their comedic voices.

This list pays tribute to ten such comedians from San Francisco, celebrating their varied styles, their contributions to comedy, and their ability to make us laugh, think, and feel.

Each has forged their own path, but all share a connection to this great city, where they honed their craft and made their mark on the comedy world!

10. W. Kamau Bell

Known for his socio-political comedy and insightful commentary, W. Kamau Bell is a force to be reckoned with.

Born in Palo Alto and raised in Boston, he eventually moved back to the Bay Area, where he began his career in stand-up comedy.

His unique blend of humor and social critique, exploring topics like racism and systemic inequality, has helped him stand out in the world of comedy.

Bell is perhaps best known for his Emmy Award-winning CNN docu-series, “United Shades of America,” in which he travels across the country, meeting diverse groups of people and exploring issues of race, culture, and class.

A frequent podcast host and guest, Bell’s voice is unmistakable, both for its booming, baritone quality and for the thoughtful, probing questions it raises.

9. Margaret Cho

Born and raised in San Francisco, Margaret Cho is a trailblazer in the world of comedy.

Known for her frank and unfiltered stand-up routines, Cho addresses topics like race, sexuality, and social issues with candor and biting wit.

She rose to prominence in the ’90s with her sitcom, “All-American Girl,” which was groundbreaking for its depiction of a Korean American family.

Despite its early cancellation, the show helped establish Cho as a comedic talent to watch.

She has since released multiple stand-up specials, received Grammy and Emmy nominations, and become an advocate for LGBTQ+ rights.

Cho’s comedy is bold and fearless, making her one of the most influential comedians of her time.

8. Ali Wong

San Francisco-born Ali Wong has taken the comedy world by storm with her honest and hilarious take on marriage, motherhood, and her Asian American identity.

Wong’s stand-up specials, “Baby Cobra” and “Hard Knock Wife,” both released on Netflix, have been met with critical acclaim.

Filmed while visibly pregnant, these specials feature Wong’s raunchy and no-holds-barred style of comedy.

In addition to her stand-up work, Wong has also showcased her acting and writing talents through her Netflix film, “Always Be My Maybe,” which she co-wrote and starred in.

Wong’s humor is refreshingly candid, breaking down taboos and challenging societal norms with her comedic prowess.

7. Moshe Kasher

Raised in Oakland, Moshe Kasher began his stand-up career in San Francisco.

Known for his smart and often self-deprecating humor, Kasher’s comedy tackles topics like his Jewish heritage, his experience growing up with deaf parents, and his personal battles with substance abuse.

He published a memoir, “Kasher in the Rye,” detailing his troubled adolescence and journey to sobriety, showcasing his ability to blend humor with deeply personal storytelling.

His stand-up specials, such as “Live in Oakland,” have been praised for their honesty and wit.

Kasher’s comedy, while often cerebral and introspective, always remains accessible and undeniably funny.

6. Al Madrigal

Al Madrigal, a San Francisco native, is a comedian and actor known for his storytelling and observational humor.

He draws heavily from his experiences growing up in a Mexican American household in San Francisco, resulting in comedy that is both personal and relatable.

Madrigal has enjoyed a successful career in both stand-up and television, with notable roles in “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart” and “I’m Dying Up Here.”

His stand-up specials, such as “Why Is the Rabbit Crying?” showcase his talent for turning ordinary scenarios into hilarious narratives.

Madrigal’s humor resonates with audiences, thanks to his ability to highlight the absurdities of everyday life.

5. Bobby Lee

Though he was born in San Diego, Bobby Lee’s comedy career flourished in San Francisco, where he performed stand-up while working odd jobs.

He gained prominence as a cast member on “MADtv,” where his irreverent humor and knack for physical comedy shone.

Lee is unafraid to delve into personal and often taboo topics in his comedy, leading to routines that are both outrageous and deeply authentic.

His podcast, “TigerBelly,” which he co-hosts with his now ex-girlfriend, Khalyla Kuhn, offers further insight into his unfiltered approach to comedy.

Despite the often outrageous nature of his humor, Lee’s comedy is marked by a distinct vulnerability that makes it all the more compelling.

4. Greg Proops

Greg Proops is a comedian, actor, and host whose career began in San Francisco.

Best known for his appearances on both the UK and US versions of the improvisational comedy show “Whose Line Is It Anyway?”, Proops has demonstrated a quick wit and an ability to think on his feet.

His comedy often leans towards the intellectual, with references to history, art, and culture, and he’s known for his distinctive, bespectacled look and sharp suits.

In addition to his improv work, Proops has a successful podcast, “The Smartest Man in the World,” where he showcases his wide-ranging knowledge and quick humor.

3. Paula Poundstone

While born in Alabama, Paula Poundstone’s comedy career took off in San Francisco.

Known for her quick wit, engaging audience interaction, and self-deprecating humor, Poundstone has become a mainstay in the comedy scene.

She’s recognized for her work on “The Tonight Show” and as a regular panelist on NPR’s comedy quiz show “Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me!”

Poundstone’s comedy specials and live performances showcase her ability to interact with the crowd, making each show a unique experience.

Despite her success, she’s maintained a down-to-earth and approachable style, making her a beloved figure in comedy.

2. Dana Carvey

Born in Montana but raised in San Francisco, Dana Carvey is a comedic powerhouse.

He first gained widespread recognition as a cast member on “Saturday Night Live,” where his impressions and original characters, like the Church Lady and Garth from “Wayne’s World,” became iconic.

Carvey’s comedy is known for its wide range of characters and impersonations, delivered with his trademark energy and enthusiasm.

Despite his success in television and film, Carvey has remained true to his stand-up roots, continuing to tour and perform live.

His comedy specials showcase his talent for mimicry and his knack for observational humor, making him a standout performer in the comedy world.

1. Robin Williams

There are few comedians as beloved and universally recognized as San Francisco’s own Robin Williams.

Known for his manic energy, rapid-fire jokes, and wide array of voices and characters, Williams was a comedic tour de force.

He started his career in the San Francisco stand-up scene before skyrocketing to fame with his role in the TV show “Mork & Mindy.”

Williams went on to have a successful film career, winning an Oscar for his dramatic role in “Good Will Hunting,” but he always returned to stand-up.

His comedy specials are legendary, showcasing his incredible improvisational skills and his ability to jump between topics with ease.

Despite his untimely passing, Williams’ influence on comedy continues to be felt, making him not only the ultimate San Francisco comedian – but one of the greatest comedians of all time.

As we reflect on the careers of these ten extraordinary San Francisco comedians, it becomes clear how integral this city has been in shaping their voices and influencing their comedic styles.

From the socially conscious humor of W. Kamau Bell to the no-holds-barred comedy of Margaret Cho and Ali Wong, from the zany energy of Robin Williams to the sharp wit of Greg Proops, each of these comedians carries with them a piece of San Francisco.

They’ve entertained us, made us think, and pushed the boundaries of what comedy can be, and for that, they deserve to be celebrated.

This list is a testament to their talents and the vibrant comedy scene of San Francisco, a city that continues to produce comedic talents who delight, challenge, and inspire us.